Monday, 21 February 2011


We imagined we had another world exclusive interview with Oscar winning directors the Coen Brothers. This time they spill the metaphorical beans on there latest collaboration with Jeff Bridges.

Q: The Big Lewbowski is one of your most popular and iconic films? Why has a followup taken so long?
EC: The reason it's taken so long is special effects. After we made Lebowski in 1998 CGI technology just wasn't advanced enough for what we wanted to do. But now it's at the level we can finally go ahead and make the film.
JC: The movie is a prequel to the original. It's got all the central characters in it, the Dude, Walter and Donny, except they're all seventeen and at high school. We're calling it the Little Lebowski.
EC: We've got Jeff reprising his role, aswell as John Goodman, Steve Buscemi and John Turturro.
EC: The problem is all these actors are over the age of fifty. And we need them to play teenagers.
JC: So we used similar special effects used on Jeff in Tron to make all the actors look younger. We shot most of the film on a bluescreen with actual teenagers playing the other characters, and then added in the main cast by using motion capture.
EC: The special effects are just astounding. It almost looks like they're real people.
JC: Yeah they really are amazing.
EC: Amazing.
JC: Amazing.
Q: So what's the plot all about?
JC: The plot? Oh yeah that. Well we were originally planning a fun gross out comedy about the Dude and friends getting stoned whilst trying to outwit the school bully, played by Danny Trejo. We had a time travel subplot too.
EC: But Jeff refused to do the movie unless the entire plot was about beans.
JC: So it's just really the Dude, Walter and Donny as CGI teenagers in a high school eating beans.
EC: Yup.
JC: Thats bout it.
EC: Oh and there's this one scene where the Dude drinks a white russian with beans in it.
JC: Yeah, it's got no milk, no vodka and no kalua in it. Just beans.
EC: That's the movies climax. Now the special effects in that scene were...
Q: Ok, so we'll be seeing Jeff Bridges eat a lot of beans in this movie?
JC: You bet!
EC: That's about all he does.
JC: We went through 12,000 tonnes of beans making it.
Q: Well that's all we at the Official Jeff Bridges Bean Blog need too know. Thanks again guys.

The film is coming soon. Possibly.

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