Monday, 21 February 2011


Actor Sean Bean is reportedly terrified of being eaten by Jeff Bridges. In an exclusive interview we had with him conducted via a fairly reputable psychic, the British actor, most famous for his role as Boromir in the Lord of the Rings, revealed that Bridges has tried to eat him on several occasions.
"The first time I met Jeff was about ten years ago at the Oscars." Bean told us. 
"He acted completely normal until I told him my name. This weird look came in his eye and he just leapt at me, gnashing his teeth. He bit me on the ankle. Luckily there was plently of people there to drag him off. I still have the scars though ."
There next encounter was at another awards ceremony a few years later. Bridges this time bit off Beans index finger.
"Luckily they got it on ice very quickly managed to reattach it. It was horrible though. I just thought to myself, why me?"
Bean now doesn't attend any award cermonies, fearing that Bridges will try to eat him again. He has also refused to work in any films with Bridges. 
"I was offered the part of Tony Stark in Iron Man. When I found out Jeff was in it, I turned it down."
We explained to Bean about Jeff Bridges obsessive love for eating beans.
"Oh well, that explains it I guess." he said.

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