Sunday, 20 February 2011


With the success of Jeff Bridges latest film, True Grit, we believe that a sequel is highly likely. The Official Jeff Bridges Bean Blog imagined talking to directors Joel and Ethan Coen about the probable film. Below is our theoretical interview.

Q: So what is True Grit Two all about?
JC: Well its set four years after the events of the first film. Jeffs character Rooster Cogburn is planning to retire as a US Marshall, but is drawn into one final adventure. Its a very different film in tone.
EC:  Yes, it's definately more light hearted . Martin Lawrence plays Roosters wisecracking, banjo playing sidekick, and he brings quite a lot of comic relief. We also have a great scene where Rooster hallucinates and his horse starts break dancing.
EC: It's also got a lot more action. We have a fantastic swordfight atop Mount Rushmore and an amazing shootout in a dynamite factory.
JC: I would say the most important part of the film is beans.
EC: Oh yes, beans are absolutely central to the plot.
JC: At first Jeff wasn't keen about doing the sequel, especially as he didn't like our idea of giving Rooster telepathic powers. But when we mentioned beans, he was in.
EC: Yeah Jeff sure loves his beans!
Q: So how do beans fit into the film?
EC: Well a  group of Mexican bandits led by Nicholas Cage intercept a train carrying 5000 tonnes of beans into Arkanas. When Rooster finds out the beans have been stolen he goes on a quest to get them back, and get revenge.
JC: Whilst we never really focused on Roosters love of beans in the first film, we really do in this one.
EC: Rooster would kill a man over a single bean.
JC:  Yes, and he does on several occasions.
Q: What followers of the Official Jeff Bridges Bean Blog really want to know is - will we get to see Jeff eating beans in the film?
JC: Of course!
EC: Infact I'm trying to think of anytime Jeffs onscreen and he's not eating beans.
JC: Eh, yeah you're right, Jeff is just constanly eating beans. Even during the final chase scene in the bi-planes.
Q:That sounds really amazing guys, looks like its going to be a beantastic movie!

The release date for the film is not yet known, as is any confirmation of its existence.

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